✖ She’s really pretty, sings well and is way too gorgeous // She is known as a kind and thoughful unnie in front of her sister(Krystal), maybe that why the mothers see them as close sisters who are pure and flawless.
✖ Taeyeon with insane popularity. // Taeyeon’s charming point is her ahjumma laughter which is contrary to her baby-like face.
✖ She has such lovable characteristics on or off the stage. // Since she is great in housekeeping, catching chickens, act brave, and isn’t shy in front of people, she is very lovable.
✖ She is an exemplary girl who has the right living habits. //She definitely seems different from typical girls nowadays. She seems very lady-like.
✖ Lots of mothers say that they want to have a daughter-in-law like her, since they appreciate her beauty and personality very much. // (Who do you want as your daughter-in-law?) Yuri. She’s really pretty. My son would appreciate her style.
✖ If you dare look at her with thoughts like “HOW CAN THERE BE SUCH A BEAUTIFUL GIRL?”, you might feel as if you want to exchange your own daughter’s beauty with hers. // The percentage of viewers for that drama(You are My Destiny) was over 40%. That is why the mothers aren’t able to not recognize her face.